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Homeless Outreach – A message from the Mayor’s Office

As you may know, since last September the City has been working closely with homeless outreach workers and providers to connect people living on the streets and sidewalks of the Ballpark Neighborhood with shelter, housing and services, including those provided at the new Lawrence Street Community Center. This year alone, we anticipate spending nearly $50 million on direct and indirect homeless services citywide. We have also increased efforts to keep the neighborhood free of trash, debris and waste. Together, through this intensive and focused effort, we have helped hundreds of people and supported the community. However, the health, safety and welfare of those who continue to live outside on the streets and sidewalks is a growing concern. Therefore, starting next week, the City will be increasing efforts to connect people with shelter and services and avoid a looming public health emergency by strictly enforcing various city codes. We will be taking great care to protect the personal belongings of people living on the streets as we intensify efforts to keep the neighborhood clean and sanitary. We will store any belongings that get left behind at 1221 Glenarm Place for up to 30 days. Items can be retrieved from Noon to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is shelter space and services available for those who seek it; people do not have to be in these unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Below is the link for a fact sheet with additional details. Please let me know if you have questions or need more information. Thank you. Evan Dreyer – Deputy Chief of Staff Office of Mayor Michael B. Hancock Downtown Homeless Outreach... read more

Business and General Improvement District Information – follow up to last General Membership Meeting

  As a follow-up from our last membership meeting, below are the links to the marketing material associated with the newly created Business Improvement District (BID) and General Improvement District (GID) in the River North neighborhood.  They contain information to better understand what these districts are, what they seek to accomplish and the cost associated with it.  If this is the ultimate direction the Ballpark neighborhood decides to go, please note that the priorities, boundaries, and assessment rates will be a public process in which we engage businesses, tenants, residents and property owners.  We are still gathering information, but at some point it will be important to take the next step, which will involve putting a working group together to further the conversation and gather neighborhood input.  If you are interested in being involved with this process please email us:  ballparkneighbor@gmail.com   Thank you, Bryan Slekes BNA President   RINO BID MARKETING PIECE FINAL RINO GID MARKETING PIECE FINAL    ... read more

What Is BPNA?

The Ballpark Neighborhood Association (BPNA) is a communication resource that extends to all surrounding Denver neighbors – to express safety concerns, to highlight local events and new businesses, to propose development ideas, and more.

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The BPNA gives you the opportunity to network and make a difference within the Denver community. Our goal is promote a healthy, vibrant, safe, and evolving community for residents and businesses, while respecting the historic integrity of our neighborhood.


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